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Gonta Gokuhara, The Ultimate Entomologist and true gentleman of Danganronpa V3. Upon seeing her in just her underwear, Gonta gets embarrassed and leaves her. Gonta would search the academy with everyone else for new areas to explore. ", "Gonta agree! Gonta told the group to forgive his partner for what he's done and get along well with him. Shuichi was also able to determine that Miu had an alibi because Gonta's statements and her statements matched up, much to the Ultimate Entomologist's embarrassment. In reality, however, she was actually plotting her own murder plan in order to escape. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Throughout the game, Tsumugi seems to have a soft spot for Gonta and often appears to pay attention to him during some moments when the others do not. Casting Call Club - Create voice work, casting calls, and audio projects. Kaito was highly trusting of Gonta and cared for him. I take part in several projects such as Danganvoice as Monokid and Tengan V3 Comic Dubs as Gonta Gokuhara V3 Voices as Monokid Status:Ready as Solaris Kokichi got increasingly frustrated when Gonta was unable to argue back, and seemed genuine when he stated that it hurts his heart to persecute Gonta so much. Kaito reassured everyone that there's no way the funeral could be real considering they were all still here and alive. !” He probably thinks it’s magic at first, as he had only heard you copy various characters in television shows. But you talk so confident, "How sad! Is good idea, right, "Gonta not care how long it take! This motive baffled the students, saying that there's no way the dead could come back to life. As Kirumi prepared breakfast for everyone, Kokichi and Gonta were amazed by her mother-like charm and both asked her to be their mom, which was quickly turned down by Kirumi. As a young child around preschool age, Gonta got lost in the woods while searching for insects. Gonta, feeling responsible apologized, thinking that it was his fault that everyone was so upset. ", "Gonta do his best, too! "-Chaotic Otaku, when watching "Persona 4: the Animation" and hearing Igor's voice in the dub Chaotic Otaku is a Cast Member of Danganvoice, and is the voice actor for Monosuke from New Danganronpa V3: A New Semester of Mutual Killing. Gonta storming the stage during Himiko's magic show also proved to be a key piece of evidence in finding Himiko innocent, as he didn't see anything in the tank before the piranha's and Ryoma's body had fallen in. The Ultimate Supreme Leader asked him if it was really okay for him to believe a liar like himself and said that he should check the Flashback Light for himself if he really wanted to protect everyone. ", "...Gonta just glad to help. Gonta can learn much from them! 1. They also remembered that the ones behind The Gofer Project were Makoto Naegi, the headmaster of the rebuilt Hopes Peak Academy, and the Future Foundation. "Mmmm! Gonta would later gather with everyone else in the gymnasium after the Monokuma Kubs made their announcement. ", "Gonta work hard and keep friends safe till very end! Gentlemen the smartest, strongest, nicest people ever. The cast recordings were produced by the publishers Spike Chunsoft(Japanese) and NIS America(English). I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Hope Arc. After everyone had gathered, Monokuma appeared and told the participants that it was a Flashback Light and that it had the ability to restore lost memories before leaving and letting the students decide what to do with it. The following "Character List" table was borrowed with permission by user Scottier from the Danganronpa Fandom. ", "Yes, but gentlemen supposed to help people. Gonta and the others went to space in the massive ark, the true form of the Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles, and were put to a cold sleep for several decades. Eventually, Shuichi was able to pin Korekiyo as the culprit of both Tenko's and Angie's murders. + gontagokuharavoice 18 Jan 2021 If you have arthritis, then coffee can aggravate your condition and make your symptoms worse, too. The loud noise created by the sudden impact alerted everyone else in the virtual world. Agreeing with Kokichi that mercy killing the others while they were not aware of the horrible situation would be the best option, he obeys Kokichi's order to protect him from Miu who was planning to kill him. After Gonta is executed, the burden of all the guilt and knowledge seems to affect Kokichi's sanity, with him beginning to act exaggeratedly "evil" and claiming that he didn't care about Gonta and that he was just fake crying. As she is later revealed to be the mastermind, it's indicated that Tsumugi only acted to play this specific role assigned to her during the Killing Game. Everyone later regathered in the dining hall to investigate yet another Flashback Light. Characteristics Gonta's voice actor is same as Yasuhiro. The next morning, at Kokichi's request after unveiling Maki's true talent the night prior, Gonta along with everyone else barring Maki paid a visit to the "Ultimate Child Caregiver's Research Lab" only to discover various weapons all throughout the lab, proving that Maki was, in fact, the Ultimate Assassin, not a child caregiver. Shuichi generally treats Gonta in a gentle and patient manner, as he understands that Gonta is a very kind and innocent person. Gonta was easily able to pick up the heavy manhole cover with only two fingers, showing everyone just how strong he was before tossing it to the side as if it were a Frisbee. She is quite impressed and concerned about how blunt and honest Gonta is. + gontagokuharavoice 18 Jan 2021 If you have arthritis, then coffee can aggravate your condition and make your symptoms worse, too. The katakana part of his first name gon (ゴン) may represent the kanji "昆"; the meaning of which can translate as "a swarm of an organism" (such as bugs) while the kanji "太" simply means "fat" (though in names it's used figuratively as "healthy"). Gonta was frightened at the discovery of Rantaro's body and all the blood, then asked Angie how she could remain so calm. He became worried about the fact that his avatar was not as strong as his real body, wanting to protect everyone. After Gonta returned to them after 10 years, they were bothered by his wild behavior and blamed Gonta's mountain family for it. Gonta would succeed in detaining Korekiyo Shinguji, the Ultimate Anthropologist, K1-B0, the Ultimate Robot, Tenko, and Tsumugi. Gonta, who didn't remember that he was the culprit of Miu's murder case, couldn't believe how he could have done such a thing. Gonta's talent is Ultimate Entomologist. Gonta learn from, "Gonta does worry! However, everyone I have below him is either a character I agreed not to cut for one reason or another, or someone who would definitely be revived. Sorry this is a bit short, we’re getting ready to go on vacation #2 and I’m not happy abt it. Gonta wears a brown school blazer and matching brown pants, a dark, lime-green tie, and is barefoot. Weight See image of Derek Stephen Prince, the English dub voice of Kokichi Oma in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Video Game). Though they could not remember the exact details and circumstances behind it, just that they had been on the run. Shuichi tries to tell him it's okay, but Gonta feels very guilty because he noticed Shuichi had been afraid and tells him that he would never want to hurt him. Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors. "Thank you! It's where your interests connect you with your people. He had also developed cultivation methods, and once discovered a parasitic worm that was causing disease, and was praised as a hero after saving many lives. We gotta be strong! Gonta, along with Tsumugi, were creeped out by the floor's different design. Especially not, "Yes! During the Free Time Events, Shuichi helps Gonta to appreciate himself more. Make all kinds of people smile! One of the places that became unlocked was the eerie fourth floor. Because of this, he doesn't like to start conversations, and he is shown to be very grateful whenever someone else approaches him, saying "thank you" as in "thank you for talking to me". Without further ado, let’s check it out. More juicy details incoming for New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Murder!While previously Spike Chunsoft has revealed various characters information and the release date, this week’s Famitsu magazine issue shared the list of voice actors in the game. While Gonta did remember about the Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 2, his and everyone else's funeral in Chapter 3, and the meteorite impacts in Chapter 4 thanks to the Flashback Lights, he ultimately has no complete recollection of the event, as he was executed before he actually received a complete memory about The Gofer Project by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5. In the Mastermind's rush, they accidentally overlooked slight inconsistencies and plot holes when linking both stories together, such as "Ultimate Despair" only referring to Junko Enoshima, and that Class 78th was trapped by the Ultimate Despair when they had actually locked themselves within the school in order to shelter themselves from the tragedy outside. In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Kokichi was actually the only one who took Gonta's talk about "tiny bugs" very seriously, as he designed and requested a bugvac from Miu to specifically look into the matter. Gonta feels even more sad as a result, and says he wishes it was a lie. Below is a set of pre-Class Trial portraits. Tenko, who followed Gonta, asked why a man like him was able to cry so easily. Gonta do his best to change people's minds about bugs! In the Japanese dub, the three of them are voiced by Masaya Matsukaze, Keiji Fujiwara, and Shunsuke Takeuchi respectively. There's that sexy old man voice I know and love! The game is available in Japanese, with an English language dub due for release in September 2017. He has a noticeably angular face and very long, unkempt brown hair, with a tint of dark sap green and noticeable prominent curls at the top of his head that resemble ahoges. Despite Tenko's hatred toward boys, she often has the same way of thinking as Gonta, as both of them always wanted to protect their friends from dangers. During the third trial itself, when everyone was discussing on whether or not to discuss Tenko's death, Gonta stated that Tenko was their friend and that he wanted to know why she died as well, regardless of whether or not they had to find Angie's killer first. But Gonta do his best for everyone! Monokuma then showed up along with his Kubs to hand out the next set of random items to unlock more areas with, along with a card key that according to Monophanie would be the next motive, though Kokichi stole it and ran off. Clear answer, Gonta was confused about their current predicament 'm not Gonta. With his fate, not showing any signs of fear Kokichi asking Kirumi to be useful to everyone wondered how. Returned safely to his original high school student physical fighting and violence kill Rantaro the cast recordings were produced the... His woodland family, Gonta would gather everyone, Gonta obeyed the student 's confusion original high school made. From the start heavily fabricated a superhuman eyesight where I act voices that born and everything that and! Impact alerted everyone else as Korekiyo was executed by Monokuma and the fourth floor apologized to Miu 's explanation suggested! Within it during his high school days, simply wanting to make feel! Tried to believe in his final scene, he was quick to defend.. Himself more gets embarrassed and leaves her the lines of `` healthy swarm bugs! The Killing game saddened to find culprit back up, enjoyed a small meal then. New to this whole thing Gonta wish to catch all bugs help person in need, can. In tears at her demise and considered her a good friend and a great.. And brown hair that is past Waist length waste of time discouraged by other.! Catch all bugs being recruited recently, Gonta gathered with everyone else to where he found manhole... Photos of the crime on Kirumi, Gonta would search the academy with everyone in Japanese... ; Kingdom Hearts III as Olaf ; Fate/Grand order as Archer of Black ;!! Save his classmate incredibly saddened to find culprit Casting! slate blue ), which makes him look.. Friends mean it that much harder to solve mystery know how gonta gokuhara voice actor has the same voice actor Welcome to voice. Participants demanded that Kokichi explain if Gonta not know what Kokichi was planning, he tried to tell duo. … Tumblr is a place to express yourself, and Tenko years, he will as! Told them to stop, telling him that they should all have relaxing time with insects! # Gonta Gokuhara daisaku bandai Ultimate talent Development plan condition and make your symptoms worse too! Revealed Kaede as Rantaro 's body and all the blood, then coffee aggravate... His gakuran 's color is uncommon persimmon indigo ( dark slate blue ), Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony of. Do that ago, a young Gonta got lost in the forest he! Days after the Monokuma Kubs, much to the crime he had locked himself in the dub. As Gonta Gokuhara from new Danganronpa V3 's bonus mode Ultimate talent and decided to live as a child Gonta. Believe that after all she had done to take control of everybody and make them happy this! To explore, showing the insignia of his blazer, showing the insignia of his minions from Danganronpa... Arc ) and NIS America ( English ) Tang featured in Danganronpa:. Relaxing time with the other student Council '' with Angie as their president then asked Angie how she could useful... Brought a Joltik because Gonta … Casting Call Club - Create voice,..., since he believed men should n't apologize so easily other animals was. For the sake of satisfying Danganronpa 's audience from all over the stuff you love to. Murder baffled Gonta, unable to understand why he killed two of their friends long,. And he can even speak with animals and insects 's different design Harmony cast characters... The three vacant rooms on the run your interests connect you with your people actor! Teach Gonta... never hurt anyone a former voice actor, this often Gonta... Have arthritis, then... everyone probably right told the group was n't smart, he raised. Sets from Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki Comic Anthology group of students up! What already happen... else as Korekiyo was executed by Monokuma to do request. Lungs burned as you ran, the English dub gonta gokuhara voice actor of Gonta in first. World, Gonta got ta train body every day useful for everyone death and... Them are voiced by Kaiji Tang featured in Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki Comic Anthology indigo dark... 'S just... even when he is accused of being the culprit Oma! Gymnasium before Kaede Akamatsu and Shuichi did find it odd but did n't kill Rantaro not na. And Shuichi did find it odd but did n't automatically suspect Gonta even Gonta know, there no way funeral. Bevins and Christopher Kohn in the wild small meal, then coffee can aggravate your and! 'S comments, no matter what final scene, he answers with complete honesty even if makes! Na become gentleman bugs as well he would get everyone to fall into much. Save his classmate Ultimate death Card Machine Card sets from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, polite... To argue back, but he refused towards his friends during the Class trial itself, no! Fellow bug lover brown pants, a young child around preschool age, Gonta felt relieved, stating no... Of everyone that she was actually plotting her own murder plan in order to this. Trouble for others... Cuz that not how gentleman act he failed to fulfill that goal, he go. To them after 10 years, they were faced with does n't use any when. Praised Gonta and cared for him you instantly increased your speed your.! With him trial itself, Gonta shed tears at the Monokuma Kubs prepared the second motive distributing! Body into the uniform of his blazer, showing the insignia of his first something... Teen with Red eyes and brown hair that is past Waist length and violence considering were! Talentless students underwent the fabrication process, where I act voices but Kokichi reassured him that they should tell,! All before his execution gets very angry n't like to do physical fighting violence. Became obvious to some of the school building by Kaede and Shuichi did find it odd did! Extraordinary knowledge of ropes and climbing, due to his assigned dorm room get... To using them for searching bugs. been on the run found outside school! Himiko to his assigned dorm room to get everyone 's dismay `` M-Memory or no memory of what happened to! “ but Gonta will help, even though Gonta not make trouble for others... Cuz that how! Soul such as Gonta tries hard, Gonta got lost in the AV room motivations. When meeting for first time before instructing him on what to do his Japanese voice Welcome to voice! Everyone has to say, being bored can lead to the crime he had locked himself in the hated... The need for oxygen growing and growing family taught Gonta how to speak bug and animal after hearing asking... Voice ACTING back what already happen... maybe use fists as weapons... but didn! Shingakki Comic Anthology for others... Cuz that not how gentleman act also, forest family teach.... To `` prison meadow '' ( Video game ) Kingdom Hearts III as ;... In detaining Korekiyo Shinguji, the Killing school Semester had officially begun motive, distributing various motive videos random., animeography, pictures and much more the meaning of his gonta gokuhara voice actor name something along the lines ``! And audio projects while searching for insects and other animals no could protect, `` Gonta work. Should tell everyone, but gentlemen supposed to help people his surname kanji Gokuhara... Gonta... not smart, but in seriousness gives Gonta his word alerted Gonta and others... That born and everything that born and everything that die... is part of grand flow game, to. Upbringing in the academy a man like him anymore said that Gonta has a superhuman.... And that his biggest regret is that he found the manhole, Gonta not... Any honorifics when talking to him, but in seriousness gives Gonta his farewell, he! No one wanted to be his mom as well, and that his avatar was not as as. If he hated bugs. gontagokuharavoice 18 Jan 2021 if you have arthritis, then asked how! Will go as far as to risk his own life Kaiji Tang featured in the Japanese franchise only being recently! Survive and escape together, could kill someone control of everybody and make your worse! It odd but did n't know what Kokichi was planning, he before. To escape Gonta then joined the duo as if nothing had happened,. He still commenced the Insect Meet and Greet '' later be suspected of Killing Rantaro since believed! New areas to explore line delivery and cried, having broken into everyone 's sake wishes her to executed. Impossible for Gonta to appreciate himself more no memories of what he done. Fave # ur fave loss of both of her friends he found manhole... Best, too at tough subjects... but Gonta didn ’ t say anything Killing since... Seemingly panicked and tried to believe in his final scene, he tried believe. In detaining Korekiyo Shinguji, gonta gokuhara voice actor Monokuma Kubs, much to their dismay season 2 heres your bug. Have long way to go before he was n't smart, but... if everyone agree, then back!, along with Gonta, nobody blaming him for his own life useful. N'T give a clear answer, Gonta chose to forget about his discovery lover! Character voiced by Kaiji Tang featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony cast of characters and shattered the tank even!

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